Terms & Conditions
Clicktocreate.net is an online service for you to create your own website using pre-defined website design templates and pre-defined content including images. That is why we say you can “create ready-to-launch website” in a matter of minutes. After creation, the website is launched on the domain name you have chosen, within a couple of days. Email Ids (3 No.s) are also provided.

You are able to

  • add/modify content from a back end admin control panel,

  • receive details of form submissions from the website by email also view details in the admin control panel,

  • apply plug-ins such as social media links, bulk email software etc. at any point of time at an extra cost,

  • request for an additional feature at an extra cost.

You are requested to kindly go through the demonstration before ordering.
  • The contract period is for 12 months unless stated otherwise and given to you in writing by Clicktocreate official representative.

  • The content that you upload on the website directly from the back end admin control panel is your responsibility. Make sure the content i.e. text and images do not infringe any copyright laws. It is recommended that you get the content written from a professional content writer and source/buy images from a trusted source only. Warning : “Copying and pasting content directly from the internet could infringe copyright laws”.

  • You may request us to give you your web application to be hosted on another server. Note that this will incur costs. Generally we charge about 20% of the contract value. Also we do not assist in transferring your web application. We just provide files/folders and also login details of your domain (if hosted with us) for domain management, by email only.

  • We guarantee an uptime of 99% for your website.

  • We are not liable to give you source files since that is a part of our intellectual property.

  • You are requested to read our instruction manual carefully and ask queries to our support team at the support hotline number.

  • Support will be provided through our support portal at support.clicktocreate.net where you will be able to open and trace tickets. If you do not get a response within 48-72 hrs from the Support Portal then you can send us an email at noresponse@clicktocreate.net and we will immediately act on it. We will give you a call within 24 hours of you writing us an email and address your concerns immediately.

  • One Time Training can be provided by our representatives through phone or any other appropriate medium. Additional Training Requests can be accepted at an additional cost.

  • 3 Email Ids will be provided as a part of the contract. Please define them at the time of the contract only. However changing the email ids will be possible by placing a request from the Support Portal.

  • The content including the text and images are the exclusive property of Clicktocreate and are intended for your website use only. Attempt to use it for any other purpose will be copyright infringement.

  • If you do not renew the contract within 3 days from the date of expiry, we will assume that you are not interested and deactivate the website on the 4th day. We will provide you with 3 reminders each on your mobile through SMS & also email before the expiry of the contract. If you want to re-activate the website, then apart from the new contract charges, delayed renewal charges amounting to 10% of the contract value will also be applicable.

  • We contantly endeavour to keep abreast of the latest happenings in technology and we will upgrade your web applications automatically so that it is compatible with all the latest technological innovations. But as you will appreciate the development could be time consuming and we cannot guarantee a time frame for the upgradation.

  • You are welcome to provide us with suggestions/recommendations regarding further upgradation of the platform and offering better features and services. In case you want an additional feature included for your web application, then please send us a request through our Support Portal. We will quote and after your approval and as per the agreed payment terms go ahead and carry out the development.

  • Since our registered office is in Mumbai, all disputes arising out of contracts will be within the Mumbai jurisdiction only.